The new AMOS Approvals 3.0 app. Let’s you approve any purchase from anywhere… and so much more.

The AMOS Approvals app is already widely used by cruise organizations to make approval of purchase forms easier – but with the launch of Release 3.0, it does so much more besides!

The AMOS system from SpecTec Cruise is all about making informed decisions regarding your fleet. And with that in mind, the new AMOS Approvals 3.0 app will give you much more context to help you make the right decisions on Purchase Orders.

The original version of the app has proved invaluable to decision-makers, allowing them to approve important orders anytime, anywhere, whether they’re working from home or in a remote location.

Version 3.0 of the app now brings together additional key data sets, giving you a better overall view of available budgets, current inventory levels fleetwide and on-order levels. It also assesses the purchase to be approved against historical quantities, order levels, current spending and budget position to verify consumption and avoid unnecessary spending.

By giving you the ability to get a fuller overview of your business, AMOS Approvals 3.0 further enhances the benefits of the app, which has already been shown to:

  • Reduce requisition and PO response/processing times by over 50%
  • Reduce the number of cancelled or parked orders by 80%
  • Reduce surplus inventory by 50%

See how the new version of the AMOS Approvals app can save your business money. For more information, contact us today or click the button below to request an AMOS Approvals Datahsheet.

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