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AMOS Maintenance is the leading maintenance management system for the maritime industry, specifically designed to improve operational performance, improve asset reliability, and reduce vessel downtime.

The main objective when designing AMOS Maintenance was to provide a maintenance regime that enables the complexity of a modern ship to be managed using minimal manpower.

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  • Work planning & reporting
  • Defect management
  • Central asset/component management
  • Failure analysis
  • Equipment condition monitoring

AMOS will help to optimize the maintenance and repair of onboard assets, extending their life and lead to a more efficient use of resources.



It will be improved, with the accurate planning and reporting of planned maintenance and early reporting of defects helping to reduce the number of machinery failures.

AMOS maintenance supports the transition from traditional planned maintenance to condition based and predictive maintenance to further increase vessel reliability.

The benefits of AMOS Maintenance include

  • one

    Improved Operational Performance

    AMOS Maintenance helps users plan and schedule work assignments effectively, prioritizing the most critical items. Engineers onboard can optimize their time and focus on the most important maintenance activities.

  • two

    Asset Reliability

    Asset reliability is significantly increased resulting in reduced vessel downtime and more efficient vessel operations.

  • three

    Cost Reduction

    With unexpected breakdowns and ship downtime reduced, the associated costs of these occurring will reduce. AMOS Maintenance helps to optimize onboard inventories which can deliver savings on spare parts by up to 15 percent.

  • four

    Complying with ISM, Class, and Other Requirements

    AMOS Maintenance is recognized by all major classification societies and is an approved system for obtaining PMS and CSM/CMS notations.

  • five

    Ship-to-Shore Reporting

    Information is shared between ships and onshore offices to allow onboard personnel to plan and manage maintenance and related inventory levels. AMOS Maintenance provides all the reports and statistics essential to onboard management and safety.

  • six

    Ease of Use

    AMOS Maintenance is a highly visual, user-friendly system that makes tasks easier.


Continual Improvement Through Data Analytics

Future optimization of fleet maintenance will continue to be improved as data is collected and analyzed, with schedules able to be adjusted to align with patterns of wear and tear. The data also allows key performance indicators to be set and measured, with operational efficiencies improved as the volume of data grows.

Maintenance Mobile


Mobile functionality unlocks a wide range of maintenance possibilities, giving teams the freedom to inspect, report, and act on information quickly and easily without having to return to the workstation. The quality of collected information is improved, and the speed of response is enhanced.

What Our


“Our technology integration with SpecTec is focused on pioneering the next generation of digital solutions for not just Virgin Voyages, but the cruise industry as a whole.”

Jim Craig, Technical Director of Fleet Operations at
Virgin Voyages

“What we are looking to do, irrelevant of the age or the brand of the ship is to ensure that we have got good, consistent and accurate data … From there we lead into good, consistent, standardized maintenance practices which leads to safe operations and it also leads to good purchasing efficiencies as well.”

Nick Goddard, Former Director, Asset Management, for
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

“Carnival Corporation is focused on aligning our fleet of more than 100 ships onto a single, global AMOS environment, which will enable us to unlock significant value across our technical assets through globalized data and aligned processes.”

Doug Frauenberger, Director of MAST, at
Carnival Corporation

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