Integrate and analyze big data with

AMOS Data Surface

AMOS Data Surface (ADS) is an analysis and reporting tool designed to simplify the analysis and reporting process for your fleet. ADS can interrogate big data sets, apply advanced analytics and present fleet data in a simple and consumable format. This ensures data can be used effectively and decision makers are able to make informed, data driven decisions across the end-to-end asset management process.


ADS is a web-based application meaning users can access reports and dashboard from any device, at any time.

ADS is database agnostic so is compatible with any data source. It has been developed with built in AMOS database logic so is unrivalled in its ability to consume and analyze AMOS data.

ADS can drive better business decision making, enabling companies to improve and optimize performance, decrease costs, and monitor regulatory compliance. As an intuitive software experience with drag-and-drop functionality, AMOS Data Surface is a reporting tool that monitors, measures, and analyzes data for assets, operations, and inventory management. This allows you to access and centralize all of the data stored in AMOS.


Main Features

  • one

    Report Generator

    AMOS Data Surface has an easy-to-use report generator providing the opportunity to create reports within minutes with drag-and-drop functionality.

  • two

    Automated Reporting

    Setup automated business reporting, so management reports can be produced and sent automatically based on a pre-defined schedule.

  • three

    KPIs and Dashboards

    Any data in your AMOS database can now be tracked and analyzed through Data Surface, which allows you to set the conditions and values to your corporate KPIs, setting the report timeline to be automatically issued. The dashboard functionality provides the option to drill down into large quantities of data creating customizable graph presentations.


Key Benefits:

  • Automated analytics across your business
  • Manage and analyze big data sets
  • Simplified user experience
  • Simple configuration
  • Device independent- accessible from all web browsers on any device
  • Real-time analytics
  • Automated business wide reporting
  • Database agnostic

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“Our technology integration with SpecTec is focused on pioneering the next generation of digital solutions for not just Virgin Voyages, but the cruise industry as a whole.”

Jim Craig, Technical Director of Fleet Operations at
Virgin Voyages

“What we are looking to do, irrelevant of the age or the brand of the ship is to ensure that we have got good, consistent and accurate data … From there we lead into good, consistent, standardized maintenance practices which leads to safe operations and it also leads to good purchasing efficiencies as well.”

Nick Goddard, Former Director, Asset Management, for
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

“Carnival Corporation is focused on aligning our fleet of more than 100 ships onto a single, global AMOS environment, which will enable us to unlock significant value across our technical assets through globalized data and aligned processes.”

Doug Frauenberger, Director of MAST, at
Carnival Corporation

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