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Asset Management Operating System

SpecTec Cruise is the global market leader in fleet management software utilized by the cruise industry. Our flagship software, AMOS™, features the core AMOS fleet management solution and add-on applications. AMOS™ has modules dedicated to

  • Maintenance Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Financial Management
  • Drydocks & Refurbishment Project Management
  • Data Replication & Management
  • Quality & Safety Management
  • Hotel Defects Management
  • Big Data Analytics- Collect, Connect, Analyze

AMOS Today

AMOS™ allows users to better report, track, and analyze ship data on board, which when standardized fleetwide enables cruise lines to increase efficiencies, encourage fleet data sharing, and reduce costs on board and on shore.

The current AMOS system has been developed over many years, with our program of investment and improvement leading to the comprehensive range of integrated technologies offered.

  • one

    Maintenance Management

    Optimizes the scheduling of planned maintenance, allows defect reporting and unplanned maintenance to be carried out efficiently, and makes technical asset and data management straightforward.

  • two

    Inventory Management

    Simplified inventory management on-board and ashore. Ensures the required parts are available and easily accessible on-board at the right time to complete the planned maintenance activities.

  • three

    Procurement Management

    Streamlines the purchasing process end to end. Drives increased control through the purchasing process and automated supply chain tasks linked to the central management of sourcing, suppliers, invoicing and delivery logistics.


Quality & Safety Management

Helps cruise companies remain compliant while cutting out the administrative burden associated with industry regulations. Non-compliance has serious implications, but with AMOS, cruise lines can be confident they are operating as they should. AMOS captures accurate, detailed information and presents it to users in easy-to-understand terms. This information can then be analyzed and fed back into the system to optimize operations still further.


Hotel Defect Management

Assists in the management of hotel operations. Dedicated to the identification – and prevention – of issues that affect guest satisfaction, Hotel Defects Management ensures that possible issues are identified and dealt with before they impact guests. The software solution makes it quicker and easier to deal with problems wherever they occur and, once problems are reported, the accumulated data can then be easily analyzed. AMOS also allows organizations to focus resources in specific areas, taking steps to prevent problems that could potentially lead to compensation claims.


Big Data Analytics

AMOS Data Analytics toolsets have been developed with big data in focus. They enable cruise organizations to integrate and analyze asset management data sets to make better informed business decisions and facilitate the proactive management of their fleet.


AMOS in the Cloud

As cloud services increasingly become a standard feature of enterprise environments, many maritime businesses may consider migrating their shoreside IT infrastructure away from their own premises. If they do so, AMOS is ready to make the move. Our customers can already lift and shift their existing on-premise AMOS environments to cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft AZURE. The AMOS cloud-based desktop applications can be easily made available to end users by using virtualization software such as Citrix XenApp, Windows Server Remote App, or Tsplus. This supports the business’ IT strategies, leads to TCO reductions, and supports system scalability and flexibility.

What Our


“Our technology integration with SpecTec is focused on pioneering the next generation of digital solutions for not just Virgin Voyages, but the cruise industry as a whole.”

Jim Craig, Technical Director of Fleet Operations at
Virgin Voyages

“What we are looking to do, irrelevant of the age or the brand of the ship is to ensure that we have got good, consistent and accurate data … From there we lead into good, consistent, standardized maintenance practices which leads to safe operations and it also leads to good purchasing efficiencies as well.”

Nick Goddard, Former Director, Asset Management, for
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

“Carnival Corporation is focused on aligning our fleet of more than 100 ships onto a single, global AMOS environment, which will enable us to unlock significant value across our technical assets through globalized data and aligned processes.”

Doug Frauenberger, Director of MAST, at
Carnival Corporation

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