Keeping track across the fleet

AMOS Inventory management unlocks the power of AMOS and mobile technologies to provide the crew and office staff with an accurate overview of a ship or fleets inventory levels.


  • Inventory planning
  • Automatic identification of critical stock levels- min/max
  • Management of alternative, replacement, and obsolete parts
  • Barcodes & QR code scanning and mobile printing to eliminate human error
  • Stock forecasting
  • Required spares for maintenance activities


AMOS Inventory is proven to reduce an organizations operational expenditure through:

  • Optimized and accurate stock levels fleetwide
  • Reduced overstocking
  • Central view of fleet inventory
  • Inventory levels based on asset criticality


AMOS Inventory drives the effective management of stock levels on-board to ensure spares are available to deliver effective planned and unplanned maintenance of assets to maintain asset uptime and ship operation.

Information is captured quickly and easily through a mobile device. Users have access to the full ordering history from this device, which eliminates the need to rely on paperwork. Stock can be checked and decisions made in the moment, making for more efficient and more accurate working.

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AMOS inventory provides a clear fleetwide view of inventory levels across every ship from one single view. This enables the ability to easily forecast required spares, drive increased contract and bulk buying to achieve significant cost savings.

By analyzing the data recorded by AMOS, cruise lines can better forecast and plan for the future, including workload demands and stock requirements. As equipment comes to the end of its life, the system will help users predict when to order replacements. Service levels are tracked and consumption is analyzed, so the provision of spare parts and consumables are accurately predicted. By optimizing the management of each ship’s inventory – and adhering to all statutory requirements – AMOS provides the ability to drive down costs, which leads to leaner, more efficient management of stock levels. Furthermore, standardizing all database services across all ships opens a global view of all items across an entire fleet.

Inventory Mobile


The entire inventory system is optimized for a mobile workforce, with the inputting and accessing of information able to be carried out anywhere – online or offline. AMOS Inventory allows end users to capture accurate inventory accounts at any location. No matter how many locations they visit, mobile capability ensures that this up-to-date inventory information goes with them.

What Our


“Our technology integration with SpecTec is focused on pioneering the next generation of digital solutions for not just Virgin Voyages, but the cruise industry as a whole.”

Jim Craig, Technical Director of Fleet Operations at
Virgin Voyages

“What we are looking to do, irrelevant of the age or the brand of the ship is to ensure that we have got good, consistent and accurate data … From there we lead into good, consistent, standardized maintenance practices which leads to safe operations and it also leads to good purchasing efficiencies as well.”

Nick Goddard, Former Director, Asset Management, for
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

“Carnival Corporation is focused on aligning our fleet of more than 100 ships onto a single, global AMOS environment, which will enable us to unlock significant value across our technical assets through globalized data and aligned processes.”

Doug Frauenberger, Director of MAST, at
Carnival Corporation

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