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SpecTec Cruise is the global market leader in asset management software that’s utilized by the cruise industry. Our flagship software, AMOS™ (Asset Management Operating System), helps cruise lines increase efficiencies, encourage data sharing across fleets, and streamlines processes that result in cost and time savings.

Currently holding more than a 65 percent market share, AMOS is implemented across 25 cruise lines aboard hundreds of cruise ships operating around the globe, including the largest cruise companies in the world.


The mission of SpecTec Cruise is to deliver industry-specific, market-driven software solutions that help cruise companies achieve their strategic business objectives.

The development goals of our software solutions are to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, enhance ship-to-shore data sharing, and improve the guest experience on-board.

With corporate offices and product development teams positioned around the world, including in South Florida, the UK, Italy, and Cyprus, SpecTec Cruise is well positioned to meet the needs of the global cruise industry.


About SpecTec

Established in 1989, SpecTec is a market-leading maritime software provider with more than 30 years of experience serving the marine, oil and gas, defense, and cruise industries. Many SpecTec employees have been in the maritime industry for decades, so are familiar with at-sea operations, maritime compliance laws, and industry regulations.

After already serving the cruise industry for 20 years, SpecTec officially divided its shipping and cruise divisions, launching SpecTec Cruise in January 2018 as a dedicated business. The company not only delivers proven software solutions, but also aims to meet future technology needs in areas such as marine operations, supply chain, safety, regulation, cyber security, digitalization, quality management, and hotel operations.


The SpecTec Group is a global company comprising 13 offices in 11 countries worldwide. With more than 12,000 AMOS licenses being sold to more than 1,200 companies, SpecTec Cruise is recognized as a leading maritime software provider.

SpecTec Cruise is owned by Volaris Group, an operating group of Constellation Software Inc., an international provider of market-leading software and services for the public and private sectors.

“The formation of the business unit dedicated to cruise is a significant step in gaining closer intimacy with a market we have served so effectively for many years. Our technology development is based on the future requirements of the market and has involved extensive engagement with cruise customers. Digitalization has no boundaries where customers are concerned, so we are seeking to move forward with game-changing solutions that contribute to an exceptional cruise experience for guests and the crew, while maximizing safety, security, and environmental requirements across the fleet.”

- Roddy MacLennan, CEO, SpecTec Cruise

What Our


“Our technology integration with SpecTec is focused on pioneering the next generation of digital solutions for not just Virgin Voyages, but the cruise industry as a whole.”

Jim Craig, Technical Director of Fleet Operations at
Virgin Voyages

“What we are looking to do, irrelevant of the age or the brand of the ship is to ensure that we have got good, consistent and accurate data … From there we lead into good, consistent, standardized maintenance practices which leads to safe operations and it also leads to good purchasing efficiencies as well.”

Nick Goddard, Former Director, Asset Management, for
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

“Carnival Corporation is focused on aligning our fleet of more than 100 ships onto a single, global AMOS environment, which will enable us to unlock significant value across our technical assets through globalized data and aligned processes.”

Doug Frauenberger, Director of MAST, at
Carnival Corporation

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