How long have you been with SpecTec Cruise? 

I have been with SpecTec directly for a total of over 12 years. In total, I have been working with AMOS since 2008 (16 years!?!?) – starting as a cadet and intern at Maersk Line, Limited with almost 3 years as the Application Systems Administrator for AMOS and other supporting applications at Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings.

Give us a background on your role at SpecTec.

I am currently the Director of ServicePlus Operations. ServicePlus is our Managed Services Group within SpecTec Cruise, a function dedicated to key client partnerships. It enhances customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and development partnerships for products and services. 

What do you get up to in a normal working day?

A normal day will involve reviews with my team of the current operational statuses of our ServicePlus customers. This entails ensuring maximum uptime and efficiency of AMOS software operations, as well as reviewing and assessing any opportunities we actively identify for implementation within our partner environments. This ensures regular updates and priority features for our customers to maximize value from all aspects of their AMOS platform. 

What is your favourite thing about working at SpecTec Cruise?

The team. There is a level of experience and knowledge for the product and industry I have not seen anywhere else, but also a creativity and desire to improve and move forward.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I no longer control my schedules; the real boss and my 2 boys control my non-outlook calendar. In my off hours, you can typically find me coaching one of my son’s sports activities, working on the boss’ honey-do list, or driving from one event to the next. When the weather is good, you’ll always find me in the yard, manning the smoker and doing yard work – two projects I might get right one day.

What is your view on the most important trend in the cruise technology industry? 

The movement to cloud services and adaptation to it for our partner AMOS environments has been on the horizon and is well underway now, but the biggest trend to still be verified to me is the feasibility of full central access to systems from the ship via satellite services. 

What is your favourite cruise ship?

The MS Pacific Princess and Norwegian Getaway.

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